Ethics Training


What if I were going to act on my values, what would I say and do and how could I be most effective? I am currently working with the support of Dr. Mary Gentile of Babson College to deliver the Giving Voice to Values™ curriculum to MBA students, adult learners and select corporate, government and non-profit audiences.

This practical approach provides training to build the muscle necessary to act on one’s values, by giving participants opportunities to script and practice this voice in front of their peers. The end result is a “win win” to safeguard individual and organizational reputations.

What Can I Do for You?

  • Deliver a customized Giving Voice to Values™ workshop for your workplace;
  • Engage participants in role playing to voice their values muscle;
  • Provide tools and support to manage ethical dilemmas;
  • Make it believable through real life stories and outcomes.