Workshop Facilitation


Are you having a tough time managing a business issue or communications challenge? We make better decisions when we can remove the pressure to plan and run a meeting and come up with all of the answers. We do our best thinking when we feel supported and guided in the decision-making process.

What Can I Do for You?

  • Consider your desired outcome and create a process/plan to achieve your goals;
  • Help to overcome existing mental blocks to build, optimize and motivate groups;
  • Use tools such as participatory decision making to break through barriers;
  • Build new skills development and topical education into the experience.

You will come away feeling inspired by new knowledge and energized by your clear path forward. Nothing happens in isolation and everything connects. We can leave it at that, or continue working together to ignite the plan and keep moving forward.

Sample Workshops

  • Coaching to Develop a Leadership Mindset
  • Employee Engagement: What’s Trust Got To Do With It?
  • International Development Skills Assessment
  • Management Practices for Sustainability
  • Ethics Training: Giving Voice to Values™
  • Key Message/Tag Line Development
  • Communication Skills for Managers
  • Social Responsibility Simplified
  • Mission/Vision Development
  • Presentation Skills

Mary-Ellen led us through a complex communications challenge — to unify a large group of health professionals from different organizations and develop a clear direction forward with agreement on core objectives and tactics. Her collaborative approach and strategy helped us work through complicated issues on which we had been “stuck” for a long time and the results have re-energized our focus and our team. We put her skills as a facilitator, researcher and leader to the test, and she passed with flying colours. Her success is our exciting new way forward!

Jill Hefley
Associate Director, Policy and Communications
College of Physicians and Surgeons of Ontario

Mary-Ellen recently facilitated a continuing education workshop organized for IABC Toronto. An engaging instructor and coach, she tailored the creative versus reactive leadership session specifically for communication professionals. Mary-Ellen easily drew in the audience, sharing real-life examples and encouraging everyone’s involvement, in a welcoming, intimate setting. Participants appreciated not only her relatable insights, but also the many tips and tools she left them with to increase their self-awareness and further develop their leadership

Dawneen MacKenzie
Vice President, Professional Development
IABC Toronto