Mary-Ellen was an excellent choice as chair for IABC/Toronto’s Social Responsibility Committee. Her breadth of professional experience in the field and international volunteer work with the ISO 26000 international social responsibility standard provided a solid foundation for the committee’s work and the Evergreen Brick Works Community Event. Mary-Ellen has a warm personality, making working together a fun experience, which is critical to engaging people, be they volunteers or employees.

bigblueballsAnne Ptasznik

                                                                               Chief Communications Strategist 
                                                                                                  Creative Fusion

As Managing Director for the Stephen Leacock Foundation for Children, Mary-Ellen took several fundraising events to new levels of performance and put our governance and accounting issues into a highly organized form. Mary-Ellen has a broad understanding of not for profit sector issues, corporate social responsibility and foundation governance. Her MBA has clearly given her an appreciation of what it takes to marry the requirements of social responsibility and profitability.

bigblueballsPeter Oliver
Founder, Stephen Leacock Foundation for Children
Oliver Bonacini Restaurants

During her four years at RBC, Mary-Ellen successfully led national marketing initiatives such as the launch of the new student banking package as well as multifaceted community programs such as the National Capital Region’s Winterlude sponsorship that required meeting the needs of multiple internal and external stakeholders. Mary-Ellen is self-motivated, with a high level of energy and creativity and would be an asset to any team.

bigblueballsLaura Gainey
Regional President Ontario SouthWest
RBC Royal Bank

I wanted to let you know how much our coaching sessions have helped me. You have taught me skills that enable me to make clear and rational decisions, rather than ones based on emotional conditioning. You have helped me to see myself clearly and I find myself moving through my life now with much less anxiety. I have a newfound self confidence that has me hoping for the best, rather than always expecting the worst. This enables me to say ‘yes’, when I used to mostly say ‘no’ out of fear of failing or rejection. I feel grounded enough now to withstand these setbacks, and still move forward, to better evaluate what has been, in order to clearly see at least a direction I would like to go now. You have given me a great gift, and I am so grateful. Many, many thanks.

bigblueballsK. Herzberger
Executive Chef

I have had the pleasure of knowing Mary-Ellen since April 2013. Mary-Ellen is dynamic and driven, and is a wonderful coach and human being. She is attentive and open-minded, and has always made me feel heard and acknowledged which is something I have also witnessed Mary-Ellen do while interacting with others. She is dedicated to her craft, and most importantly, is always interested in learning and growing. I am glad to know Mary-Ellen and proud to call her my coach and my friend.

bigblueballsRebecca Fried, BHSc, MSc, CPCC
PhD Student

I want to say a heart-felt thank you for all of the hard work you put into the marketing strategy report for Silverts. We have instituted many changes and are doing more on an ongoing basis. The report acts as a tremendous resource manual and helped us focus on our strengths and more importantly focus on improving our weaknesses. At any time in the future should you ever require a recommendation, please have your potential client contact me directly and be assured they will receive a glowing report.

bigblueballsJeffery Alter

Mary-Ellen was wonderful to work with on our project for an important health organization. She is a keen communicator and sharp listener who picks up on the unspoken meanings between the lines. I look forward to collaborating again with Mary-Ellen in the future.

bigblueballsCora Waters
CMRP, Project Manager
Leger Marketing

Mary-Ellen demonstrates several qualities that we all wish to move towards, in her thoughtfulness, professionalism and integrity; while having the knowledge and know-how in areas such as community investment, engagement and communication that make her a valuable asset on any CSR initiative.

bigblueballsWesley Gee
Former Corporate Social Responsibility Advisor
Member Development Manager
Canadian Business for Social Responsibility

As a student in Mary-Ellen’s Corporate Social Responsibility class, I was enriched and enchanted by her world of CSR knowledge, “real life” experience and “round-table discussion” teaching style. The combined communications and CSR knowledge I gained, ultimately gave me the skills and confidence to move from the nonprofit sector to a new position as Communications Manager for Community Investment at CIBC.

bigblueballsJani Sorensen
Humber College