Core Values Discovery & Alignment

Would you like to establish or revisit core values for your organization?

Does your organization have values, yet employees don’t understand their purpose or even know that they exist?

Would you like to better understand how to use values as a compass for communication and decision-making?

On a personal level, are you feeling disconnected from yourself and those around you, seeking clarity on who you are and what matters most?

Values serve as a compass for communication and decision making.

Let Your Values Be Your Guide

Initially inspired by the work of Dr. Mary Gentile and her book Giving Voice to Values, I incorporated values case studies into the Ethics and Corporate Responsibility courses I taught for Humber College with a focus on safeguarding individual and organizational reputations.

As a certified coach, every coaching relationship begins with values discovery and clarification for all aspects of life and work. Values are our most fulfilling form of expressing and relating and point us to what it means to be true to oneself.

Values dis-alignment is a major cause of burnout.  Living a life that is aligned with our core values gives us easy access to our resiliency –  there is a sense of fulfillment and a grounding rightness during tough times.

In my experience working with organizations, when I ask employees to name their corporate values, more often than not, their facial expression is some version of Edvard Munch’s The Scream – they have no idea! I’m here to discover or bring your organizational core values back to life and guide you to use them in a smart and meaningful way.

I’m embracing my values more fully and intentionally

“Attending the “How Well Do You Know Yourself?” workshop for CSAE and subsequently working with Mary-Ellen to clarify my values, I learned that certain work situations frustrated me because one or more of my values had been crossed. As a result, I was able to look for new solutions or more easily walk away from frustrating situations. Mary-Ellen used a specific technique of identifying my “hot buttons” which led me to discover surprisingly that “consideration” is a core value. This helped me to see how I was showing up in my life, prompting me to embrace this value more fully and intentionally.”

Lia Robinson
Communications Professional & Workshop Participant

How I make a difference

Deliver a custom Values Discovery & Alignment workshop for your workplace.

Make core values relatable through meaningful discovery methods including the personal “hot button” connection.

Show you how to use core values to access resiliency and as a compass for communication and decision making.

Exemplify the benefits of values-driven leadership for self, relationships and systems.

Shine a light on the importance of personal and organizational values alignment. 

Make the power of values believable through real-life stories and outcomes.

Let’s work together 

Client Case Study

Values Based Strategic Planning

Facilitated two-day workshop for a leading Canadian post-secondary educational institution. Encompassed self-awareness, individual values discovery, alignment with organizational values, team building and planning as follow up to individual interviews and SWOT Analysis. Culminated in creation of strategic plan to revitalize an innovation hub / department empowered by shared values and ownership versus buy in to responsibilities and quantifiable outcomes.

Mary-Ellen helped me realize that making decisions based on my values was the key to self actualization

“When I began my journey to executive roles, tapping into my potential as a leader and achieving career growth were at the top of my list when I considered leadership coaching. Working with Mary-Ellen, I achieved a heightened sense of self and the ability to develop deeper, more meaningful relationships which resulted in increased collaboration and expanded responsibilities at work. In addition, I found fulfillment outside my day job as a thought leader speaking at industry conferences. Mary-Ellen helped me to realize that making decisions based on my values was the key to self-actualization.”

Maliha Aqeel
Founder & CEO
The Ideas Collective Inc.

If you ignore your values, you risk burnout and crashing your brand.

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Mary-Ellen Hynd | IFC-Accredited Global Coach & Strategic Advisor
Mary-Ellen Hynd | IFC-Accredited Global Coach & Strategic Advisor