Custom Organizational Coaching

Are you ready to offer coaching to your organization as a win-win professional development benefit?

Has your personal experience working with an executive coach convinced you of the benefits and ROI of professional coaching?

Do you want to empower developing and seasoned leaders to become the best they can be, ensuring that they have the coaching support, tips and tools to truly thrive?

Would you like to build a happy, healthy, high performing coaching culture up and down and across your organization?

Mary-Ellen Hynd | Custom Organizational Coaching

Today, coaching and a coaching skill set for leaders is invaluable given the increased expectation for leaders to possess emotional intelligence and associated people skills.

Coaching Unlocks Potential

I work with organizations and people who prioritize leadership, sustainability and communication including:

  • Corporate and non-profit sector organizations including hospitals, financial services, management consulting, associations, foundations and educational institutions
  • Mid to senior-level managers / executives and boards within organizations including small and medium sized businesses
  • Physicians and healthcare professionals working within a hospital setting, community or private practice

Each coaching relationship is unique and begins with the assertion that people are naturally creative and resourceful. It involves meeting clients where they are, listening on many levels, powerful questions, trust and intuition to evoke transformation.

Coaching feels like a 100% focused “re-charging conversation” for clients to tap into the energy they need to move forward and bring out the best in themselves and others. Co-Active Coaching is valuable to any personal or professional change initiative.

My flexible Custom Coaching Programs and one-off Clarity Coaching sessions are designed to meet you where you are and achieve the results that you want for your people and your organization. Leadership Assessment & Development is my specialty.

Coaching positioned me for enhanced leadership capacity

“Mary-Ellen’s coaching enabled me to hone my reflection-action-reflection muscles and position myself for enhanced leadership capacity. She kept me on track, helped me build on my strengths and focus on areas requiring extra energy to become the best version of myself. I didn’t realize that this process would have such a holistic impact – not just in my workplace, but across my relationships and experiences.”

Nadien Godkewitsch
Senior Manager, Transformation
Toronto Foundation

How I make a difference

Begin with a Curious About Coaching? presentation to clarify what coaching is and isn’t and answer questions at the outset of the coaching engagement.

Provide leadership development coaching to foster emotional intelligence, executive presence and happy, healthy high performance at new manager, director and senior levels.

Support new leaders and board members with a coaching program that includes self-awareness, relationship building and working within complex systems.

Lead peer to peer coaching to support creative versus reactive leadership, foster innovation and creativity, problem solve business issues and build a coaching culture.

Clarify and establish expectations, roles and responsibilities, clear goals and growth outcomes, check-ins and measurement at the outset of the coaching program.

Include a Self / 360 Feedback Assessment to benchmark leadership and support the coaching. See Leadership Assessment & Development.

Let’s work together 

Client Case Study

Leadership Coaching & Sensitivity Training

Leadership development coaching for internal and external clients which may include self / 360 creative versus reactive leadership assessment. Address self-awareness, values, confidence, trust, communication, judgment, conflict management, empowering others, team building as well as managing saboteur and limiting assumptions and beliefs. Facilitate Sensitivity Training covering professionalism, respect, bullying, diversity and workplace communication.


Mary-Ellen’s integrity and collaborative approach was integral to advancing and acknowledging coaching excellence in Toronto

“Mary-Ellen was selected to be on the judging panel for ICF Toronto Chapter’s 2020 and 2021 Prism Awards. As lead judge, I appreciated Mary-Ellen’s experience with organizational coaching as the Prism Awards celebrate the excellence of sustainable coaching initiatives in organizations. Her integrity and collaborative approach was integral to advancing and acknowledging coaching excellence in Toronto.”

Kanchan Prinsloo
Kapri Consulting

Coaching feels like a 100% focused “recharging conversation” entirely focused on you.

A Note About Professional Ethics

Confidentiality is an imperative for each coaching relationship. As an ICF-Accredited, Certified Professional Co-Active Coach (CPCC, PCC), I adhere to the International Coaching Federation (ICF) Code of Ethics and core competencies which protects clients and serves to uphold the integrity of ICF and the global coaching profession.

Other Ways to Work Together

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Mary-Ellen Hynd | IFC-Accredited Global Coach & Strategic Advisor
Mary-Ellen Hynd | IFC-Accredited Global Coach & Strategic Advisor