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Custom Coaching Programs

Whether you represent an organization seeking executive/ leadership coaching for your employees and / or board members or are an individual looking for personal / life / career coaching, I will create a coaching program tailored to your exact situation, needs and aspirations.

Together, we will unlock your potential and get you on the path to achieving the results you want and feeling great too!

Physician Burnout & Leadership Coaching

If you’re feeling stressed, burned out and stuck, need guidance for taking on a new leadership role or wanting to completely re-evaluate and switch up where you are at in career and life, I can help.

I support physicians to overcome career stress and burnout and move forward with clarity, fresh perspective and life-time coping strategies. If career advancement is on the horizon, I can empower you to become a confident, emotionally intelligent leader with executive presence.

Leadership Assessment & Development

Benchmarking your leadership to determine if the way you see yourself is consistent with the way others see your through 360 feedback is super insightful to learn and grow.

I deliver The Leadership Circle Profile Self / 360 Assessment which includes a comprehensive assessment of your leadership style, creative competencies and reactive tendencies plus a personal coaching debrief of the results to leverage the insights and learning.

Core Values Discovery & Alignment

Core values in business and life should serve as a compass for communication and decision-making. An effective way to access resiliency and relate, and a clear guide when faced with adversity or pivotal decisions.

Together we will discover and align your core values. I’ll guide you to connect your values to your actions, establishing a solid foundation for clarity, confidence and fulfillment to follow.

Organizational & Governance Reviews

Organizations including small and medium enterprises across corporate, non-profit and association sectors can benefit from an unbiased third-party assessment of current operating and / or governance practices. One that incorporates the views of relevant stakeholders and includes a SWOT analysis.

If you are ready to take stock and gain clarity, fresh perspective, knowledge and ultimately, a strategic path forward, I’m here to take the pressure off and make it happen.

Stakeholder Engagement and Communication

Would you like to incorporate the views of multiple stakeholders as part of strategic planning or an upcoming project? Stakeholders are more apt to share their honest views when asked by an experienced and trusted third party facilitator.

I’m here to take the pressure off and guide you through the whole process of stakeholder engagement – from identifying and prioritizing stakeholders, capturing insightful feedback, participatory decision making and effective communication.

Workshop Facilitation

Remove the pressure to know-it-all and do-it-all. If you are having a tough time managing a business issue or communication challenge or wanting to engage diverse voices in strategic planning so everyone feels valued, recognized and heard, I’m here to help. 

We do our best thinking when we feel supported, engaged and guided in the decision-making process. I can tailor a workshop or strategic planning session to your exact situation and needs or deliver a workshop drawing on my best tried and true content.