Stakeholder Engagement


Do you believe that you should consider and reflect the views of your stakeholders but don’t have the time to take this on or know where to begin?

What Can I Do for You?

  • Identify and prioritize your stakeholders;
  • Make it visual through stakeholder mapping;
  • Tap into the views and ideas from individual stakeholders;
  • Develop discussion guide and conduct executive interviews;
  • Create a focused stakeholder engagement and communication plan;
  • Provide guidance to reflect stakeholder views for optimal transparency.

Stakeholders are often more apt to share their honest views when asked by a third party facilitator. Curious and careful in my approach, I’m respectful and tuned into ethical issues and privacy matters and will tactfully get to the heart of the matter.

I have known and worked with Mary-Ellen as an MBA student, coach/peer mentor for MBA students, Associate Director of the Nonprofit Management and Leadership Program at the Schulich School of Business and currently as Executive Leadership Coach for the Schulich / OMA / CMA Physician Leadership Development Program. Over the years, she has impressed me with her work ethic, coaching skills and her willingness and ability to step into leadership roles as needed. She has great capacity for listening and hence is very effective at engaging diverse stakeholders in complex tasks. I have recommended Mary-Ellen in the past and will continue to do so for work that involves coaching, facilitation and stakeholder engagement.

Brenda Zimmerman, PhD
Health Industry Management Program
Associate Professor of Strategy/Policy
Schulich School of Business