Do you remember your sustainability wake-up call?

COVID-19 has laid bare the fragile economic, social and environmental underpinnings of our world today. Our future can feel uncertain on so many levels.

As we adapt to the unknown, face risks and increasing interconnected systems, interventions that strengthen individual and system resilience should be a priority.

My sustainability wake-up call was a summer job on the
Columbia Icefields in the Canadian Rockies.

Advocating for Sustainability

Me on the right!


I drove a snowmobile and educated visitors about the rapidly receding Athabasca Glacier – it’s lost half its volume and receded 1.5 km in the last 125 years. While that summer job was only temporary, the impact it left on me has been long lasting.

It’s become my mission and purpose to advocate for sustainability as often and in as many ways as possible including:

  • In full-time leadership and advisory roles including for Royal Bank and Canadian Business for Social Responsibility.
  • As one of 400 stakeholders from 90 countries who contributed to the development of ISO 26000, the first international guidance standard for social responsibility.
  • By creating Humber College’s first Corporate Social Responsibility course and unleashing new sustainability champions.
  • Promoting and supporting the courageous and innovative organizations in My Community who shine the light on issues that matter.
  • And by utilizing the power of social media. Connect with me on Twitter.

United Nations Sustainable Development Goals

A blue print to achieve a better and more sustainable future for all.

Mary-Ellen was a valuable asset

“Mary-Ellen demonstrates several qualities that we all wish to move towards, in her thoughtfulness, professionalism and integrity; while having the knowledge and know-how in areas such as community investment, engagement and communication that make her a valuable asset on any CSR initiative.”

Wesley Gee
Sustainability Director
Works Design

Sustainability Evolution

Sustainability is complex and brings many challenges. It becomes strategic through purposeful stakeholder engagement and integration up and down and across an organization. And it requires sustainable leadership.

It’s not just for big companies. Small and medium enterprises (SME) and NGO’s can benefit from a strong social, financial and environmental bottom line. Check out Canadian Business for Social Responsibility’s  SME Membership Offer.

Celebrating David Suzuki’s 75th birthday!

Renowned Canadian environmental activist and science broadcaster

Celebrating David Suzuki’s 75th birthday!

Renowned Canadian environmental activist and science broadcaster

Sustainability is treating the world, ourselves and others as if we planned to stay.

Coaching for Sustainability-Minded Organizations




Today I make my biggest impact as an executive coach, working with sustainability-minded organizations, leaders and small & medium business owners. I understand CSR and sustainability so we share the same mission and purpose right out of the gate.

Now more than ever, coaching and a coaching skill set for leaders is invaluable given the increased expectation for leaders to possess emotional intelligence and associated people skills. If you are curious about coaching and represent an organization who values and prioritizes sustainable leadership, CSR governance and a strong triple bottom line, check out Custom Coaching Programs.

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