SWOT Analysis

Unlock your potential


A strategic snapshot of internal strengths and
weakness & external opportunities and threats.
Mary-Ellen Hynd | Yellow Heart

The SWOT analysis provided the foundation to brand myself and grow my business

“I had a business idea for my dream job and needed guidance on how to reach this goal and market myself to customers. Mary-Ellen coached me through a full SWOT analysis which provided the foundation to brand myself and grow my business. She fueled my confidence and empowered me to define the “big idea” which enabled me to clearly articulate and communicate my mission, vision and unique benefits. My business idea is now a reality and I couldn’t be happier.”

Home and Organizational Consultant

A balanced decision-making guide for organizations and people too!

Time for a SWOT Analysis reality check?

Do you know the difference between managing and leading?

In this handy reference guide, you will learn the difference between managing and leading, an important first step to position yourself as a forward-thinking leader who others will willingly follow.

Leadership is a muscle that can be developed regardless of your current managerial or leadership role. Take the first step and get the free cheat sheet below.

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