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You want to work with someone who knows their stuff. It’s equally important that they “get you” and jive with the way you do things. The following testimonials from some of my amazing clients may help you to decide if we are the right fit.

Mary-Ellen has impressed me!

“Over the years, Mary-Ellen has impressed me with her work ethic, coaching skills and willingness and ability to step into leadership roles as needed. She has great capacity for listening and hence is very effective at engaging diverse stakeholders in complex tasks.”

Brenda Zimmerman, PhD (In Memory) 
Director, Health Industry Management Program
Schulich School of Business

One of the most impactful choices of my career!

“Working with Mary-Ellen has been one of the most impactful choices I have made as a physician when I reached the stage of wanting something different and more fulfilling in my career. She was instrumental in having me look within to discover a hidden passion and desire while also holding me accountable for taking the steps to get there. When I felt like I was stuck in the mud with no clear path out, Mary-Ellen was like that tow truck that comes to the rescue, to get you back on the road in the dark of night. If you are up to something big or just different in life, Mary-Ellen will help you discover your passion and be with you until you can see clearly down the road.”

Michael Simmons, MD
Navitas Health Group Inc.
The Doctors Health Inc.

Mary-Ellen helped me find the key to self-actualization and fulfillment as a thought leader

“When I began my journey to executive roles, tapping into my potential as a leader and achieving career growth were at the top of my list as I considered leadership coaching. Working with Mary-Ellen, I achieved a heightened sense of self and the ability to develop deeper, more meaningful relationships which resulted in increased collaboration and expanded responsibilities at work. In addition, I found fulfillment outside my day job as a thought leader speaking at industry conferences. Mary-Ellen helped me to realize that making decisions based on my values was the key to self-actualization.”

Maliha Aqeel
Founder & CEO
The Ideas Collective Inc.

Marshall Jarvis Testimonial

Mary-Ellen was instrumental to allowing all staff to achieve their potential

“Mary-Ellen has been instrumental in assisting with the shift in my organization’s culture in order to allow all staff to achieve their potential.”

Marshall Jarvis
General Secretary
Ontario English Catholic Teachers’ Association

Picture of Rose Zacharias

Helped me to understand myself better to optimize my leadership!

“Mary-Ellen was a wonderful coach for me. I was at a professional transition point and needed to understand myself better so that I could optimize my leadership. Mary-Ellen is very skilled at this work – so necessary for effective leadership in any industry!”

Rose Zacharias, MD, CCFP
Emergency & Hospitalist Medicine
Past-President, Ontario Medical Association

A lawyer and a leader!

“Mary-Ellen helped me to achieve my goal of transitioning to a new management position after many years being firmly planted as a senior lawyer in the same organization. Integral to this was identifying and showcasing my skills as a lawyer and a leader which are equally important but very different. She also helped me to identify and understand the power and spirit of my core values which was unexpected and profound. Now I know that when I live in alignment with my values, the job will have meaning and I will be fulfilled not just in a practical sense, but holistically and spiritually. That is the impact of Mary-Ellen’s coaching.

Janis Ingram
Town Solicitor / General Manager of Legal and Property Services
Town of East Gwillimbury

Picture of Aaron

A dedicated collaborator who equips individuals and systems with tailored tools for growth

“Mary-Ellen is a beacon of positivity and activation. When collaborating with healthcare providers and their organizations, she offers a compassionate ear and delivers a distinctive program that equips individuals and systems with tailored tools for growth. As a dedicated collaborator, Mary-Ellen played a crucial role in shaping and enhancing primary care capacity in a pilot coaching program with the East Toronto Family Practice Network, highlighting her invaluable partnership and transformative contributions.”

  Aaron Sacheli, MD, CCFP
 Family Physician, Bridgepoint Family Health Team

Felt prepared to take a significant career leap that feels right for me!

“I started coaching with Mary-Ellen when I was feeling conflicted about my next career move. I was spinning my mental tires; trying to choose between two significant paths forward. Mary-Ellen helped me to clarify what I was really looking for through a series of thought-provoking exercises and candid conversations. We started the process big picture and drilled down to identify my core values and understand how they drive my interests and work life needs. We created a metaphor for my best self that I continue to reference when I feel lost or unsettled. After our time together, I felt more grounded, at peace and appreciative of my current situation and was spending way less energy worrying about the future. The best news is I felt at ease and
prepared to take a significant career leap that feels right for me!

Ashley Honsberger
Executive Director
Ontario Soil and Crop Improvement Association

Coaching positioned me for enhanced leadership capacity

“Mary-Ellen’s coaching enabled me to hone my reflection-action-reflection muscles and position myself for enhanced leadership capacity. She kept me on track, helped me build on my strengths and focus on areas requiring extra energy to become the best version of myself. I didn’t realize that this process would have such a holistic impact – not just in my workplace, but across my relationships and experiences.”

Nadien Godkewitsch
Senior Manager, Transformation
Toronto Foundation

Mary-Ellen’s integrity and collaborative approach was integral to advancing and acknowledging coaching excellence in Toronto

“Mary-Ellen was selected to be on the judging panel for ICF Toronto Chapter’s 2020 and 2021 Prism Awards. As lead judge, I appreciated Mary-Ellen’s experience with organizational coaching as the Prism Awards celebrate the excellence of sustainable coaching initiatives in organizations. Her integrity and collaborative approach was integral to advancing and acknowledging coaching excellence in Toronto.”

Kanchan Prinsloo
Kapri Consulting

Invaluable for current and aspiring leaders

“Leadership is not about job title or authority. It’s all about relationships with others and starts by being able to lead yourself. These were key takeaways from Mary-Ellen’s Coaching to Develop a Leadership Mindset workshop series offered through the International Association of Business Communicators (IABC) Academy. I had the pleasure of working with Mary-Ellen while serving as IABC’s Education Director. The information and guidance she provided is invaluable for current and aspiring leaders.”

Ron Hansen, Ed. D.
Director of Instructional Systems
Chesapeake College

Coaching has lasting results because the whole process is built on active collaboration

“Working with Mary-Ellen was one of the best professional development experiences in my career. She helped me to not only overcome challenges but find my strengths, own them and apply them in a variety of situations. Mary-Ellen’s dedication to her work is clear and she does not follow formulas or generic solutions. The results last because the whole process is built on active collaboration, focusing on your individual needs”

Raquel Renno Nunes
Digital Programme Officer

Mary-Ellen shifts your perspective for the better and makes a long-lasting impact

“Mary-Ellen helps you cut out the noise and focus on what’s important. She gives you relevant ‘homework’ that stretches your learning. Mary-Ellen asks the right questions and gives you tools to help you look inside yourself. She is the unwavering, sage coach in your corner who builds your confidence and shifts your perspective for the better to make a long-lasting impact.”

Anthony Westenberg
Associate Director, Marketing and Communications
The York School

Mary-Ellen is open minded and has always made me feel heard and acknowledged

“Mary-Ellen is dynamic and driven, and a wonderful coach and human being. She is attentive and open-minded and has always made me feel heard and acknowledged. She is dedicated to her craft, and most importantly, is always interested in learning and growing. I am proud to know Mary-Ellen and call her my coach.”

Rebecca Fried, Ph.D, CPCC
Health & Rehabilitation Sciences – Health Promotion

I achieved my dream job!

“When I decided to take my career in Corporate Social Responsibility to the next level, I turned to Mary-Ellen for her guidance both as a coach and as a leader in sustainability. She challenged me to set ambitious goals and gave me the support and encouragement I needed to confidently reach for and achieve my dream job. Working with Mary-Ellen has been an incredible inflection point for my life, my career and my happiness.”


Tessa Soltendiek
Manager Sustainability
Humber College

As our first Executive Director, Mary-Ellen took us to new levels of performance

“As the first Executive Director of The Stephen Leacock Foundation for Children reporting to me, Mary-Ellen put our governance and accounting issues into a highly organized form and took several fundraising events to new levels of performance. She has a broad understanding of not-for-profit sector issues, corporate social responsibility and foundation governance. Her MBA has clearly given her an appreciation of what it takes to marry the requirements of social responsibility and profitability.”

Peter Oliver (In Memory)
Founder, Oliver Bonacini Hospitality
Stephen Leacock Foundation for Children

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